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Annex M / Annex L

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Hi there,

I have a Bipac 7800N that got settings for Annex M & Annex L and if I enable them it says I'm still using Annex A.

I've had a look on a site and it says the extange I'm connected too dose have Annex M.. So why is it I can't use it? Do I have to ask to be moved onto it?
Also, is they anyway to check if Annex L is on the extange?


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Re: Annex M / Annex L

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Hi Paul,

I am sure I saw a post the other day about Annex M. I think they was told it was for Business.


[edit] yep here it is:



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Re: Annex M / Annex L

hi yes annexe M is a business service

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