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BT Broadband allowance.

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I am on the 10GB a month allowance plan. I sometimes go over this allowance. Is there any way in which I can check my remaining allowance on my account so that I can curb my usage accordingly?


Also, I am unsure as to the billing dates and when the allowance for one month rolls over to the next, can anyone confirm where I can find this?


Many thanks.

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Re: BT Broadband allowance.

ring the bb usage dept there open mon>fri 8 til 8

you can get them on
0800 707 6044

they can answer the specifics for you,

if your always going over the limit on option 1 it might be a good idea to change packages, upgrading the package to something shouldnt cause a leaving fee to be applied althoug hit would probably lock you in for a further 12/18month period.

its worthwile checking out the various packages available at the moment and choosing the one that best fits your budget, also if you get the option 2 or 3 bb then your entitled to the btnetprotect plus software which includes a usage monitor and on the option 3 the product can be installed on up to 5 systems at no extra cost Smiley Tongue
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Re: BT Broadband allowance.

Simple way is to go into the hub manager at the start of the month and note the download figure. Then check the figure every so often. The difference is the amount you have downloaded. You do have to watch if the hub resets as the download counter goes to zero. I usuall check my readings every 2 days, so if it does zero, then I can make an adjustment.