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BT Home Hub Manage Connections and Bandwidth.

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to manage connections inside BT Home Hub. I am the owner of the hub and can log in to the advanced settings, I see I can turn the wireless off, is there a way to turn the wireless off for specific devices, but keep my laptop wireless on.


What about turning the internet off for specific wired devices, but keeping my computer on.



Third and final question, is there a way I can manage bandwidth useage?


So I can say to these devices, use 10% of bandwidth, and allow the rest to go to my computer.



Thanks, any information would be very helpful.

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Re: BT Home Hub Manage Connections and Bandwidth.

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The simple answer to both your questions one and three is not with the HomeHub - and you might have difficulty finding a router designed for home use that will do both.


You should be able to restrict access to the internet on a machine by machine basis using the parental controls.

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Re: BT Home Hub Manage Connections and Bandwidth.

Check out the BT Access Controls FAQs to see how to set up the times when computers can connect to the Internet.  It works for both wired and wireless computers.


Unfortunately, not aware of a function for bandwidth usage, or usage monitoring.