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BT Home Hub Manager problems.

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Hello BT,


I am currently having problems connecting to the BT Home Hub Manager.

I have tried the following:

These all end up with the connection timing out because it's taking too long to respond. All other websites are working fine and well for me. I've also tried this on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers.


Also, I have asked a few other people in my area I know who are with BT and they are not getting the same problem as me.


Kind regards,


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Re: BT Home Hub Manager problems.


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Re: BT Home Hub Manager problems.

Oops, my bad. I did try
Sorry for the mishap of spelling that IP wrong. I'll edit the post now.
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Re: BT Home Hub Manager problems.

Have you tried, using a command prompt, to ping your router on



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Re: BT Home Hub Manager problems.

The HH internals sometimes get in a tangle, and if you happen to have made any changes to the various settings, that can sometimes compound matters.


Try doing a Factory Re-set (paperclip into small hole at side of hub) and see if that resolves matters. Doing a re-set will remove any settings that you may have applied, so be prepared to make the settings again if necessary. The re-set also restores the default wireless settings which are displayed on a label on the back.


If that does not solve it, you may need to ask for a replacement HH.

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Re: BT Home Hub Manager problems.

You could try to access the hub manager this way...


Go to this link to find your current IP address -


Then input your IP address in to your browser.


You'll then need to input your hubs password.


Hopefully voila?

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