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BT Home Hub Wireless Problem

I've been with BT Broadband for over 2 years.

Recently my Hub doesn't allow anything to connect to it wirelessly.

I've tried with my iphone and laptop and neither work, having done so previously. I hadn't changed any settings prior to this problem, but I've had a look to make sure they're all correct (new stations allowed, correct wireless key).

I've tried changing the channel, but this didn't work either, as well as the interface type.


I even turned off encryption and my laptop and phone still couldn't connect.


I have now restored it to the settings I had before this problem started, so...


What do I, or you, need to do to fix this, please?



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Re: BT Home Hub Wireless Problem

Hi Cutterschoice,


I am sorry to hear of the problems that you are having.  I can help.


When you try and connect your laptop to the home hub, does your hubs SSID appear in the `available wireless networks'?  When you hover your mouse over the wireless icon on the system tray, what message appears, ie unavailable, limited or no connectivity?


Do you get any error message when trying to connect?  Here is some advise on how to improve your wireless connection General tips for improving wireless performance I appreciate that you may have already tried this but if not, give it a go.


If this fails please drop me an email to, include your BT account details and the link to this thread so that I can reference back.





Ps - Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy

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