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BT Speed Test

Hi, I'm tried test my speed by BT speed checker, and i have problem with results.

First test - by BT number - 2,5

Second   - by adress - 10

Third      - by o2     - 6


Its possible i have to upgrade phone line? by BT number ive got BT total broadband result (2,5)

By my postcode and correct flat - faster BT total broadband result (10)


What will be my real speed when i JUST connect to any broadband?



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Re: BT Speed Test

BT and most probable tests are more acurate by phone number though BT tend to understate what you will get

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Re: BT Speed Test

BT should repair phone lines, but they won't upgrade a line unless you're willing to pay silly money. Basically, if it's good enough for voice calls, then BT Openreach consider that the line is fine. Broadband is a bonus.

All the estimates are just guesses, but one based on the phone number is more likely to be accurate.