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BT Wholesale Availability Checker & FTTC ( infinity )

Hi all,


My local exchange, Caerphilly, is in the process of being upgraded to FTTC very soon, and my local street cab was fitted before xmas. My question is, when I do a check with either my phone number or post code, there is no mention of the fibre service. However up until about four weeks ago it did give me an estimated speed using my number, this being 13Mb down and 5.5Mb up. I know that BT will not accept orders if the checker shows a result of below 15Mb so would this be the reason why it no longer gives the estimated speed?

I have checked other phone numbers which are connected to the same cab, which all still show the fibre speed, of which all are over 15Mb.( new cab is about 800m from my house - by road )

Do BT estimate these speeds based on what the checker says about normal adsl speeds? Which if so would prevent me from being able to order Infinity.

The checker says that i can get adsl at upto 1Mb with an engineer visit, and that when ADSL2+ is available I would get 2.5Mb.

However my stats are 6016 down, 6db noise and 56db attenuation (i know the speed is high for my attenuation) which proves how much the checker is out.

Is there anyway of the checker to be updated to reflect this so that I can order Infinity????


Many thanks in advance....




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Re: BT Wholesale Availability Checker & FTTC ( infinity )

Any takers on this one????

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Re: BT Wholesale Availability Checker & FTTC ( infinity )

you would need to ask either the mods or the bt sales people i think, its not really a general question althout i would suggest that if you waited untill after the fttc was live you would be able to get a proper answer.
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Re: BT Wholesale Availability Checker & FTTC ( infinity )

My exchange has now gone live and the cab which my line is on is activated. 

Back to my first enquiry, I still cannot order Infinity, this I assume is because the checker thinks I am to far from the new cab, however my in-laws are able to order it as the checker gives an estimated speed of above 15Mb.( they are also connected to the same new cab but about 400m away ). Can the checker be updated somehow which will then enable me to get the product or am I stuck.


Seems mad that i connect at 6Mb on a 20Mb product, of which my line is approximately 3.5Kms from the exchange, and now there is 40Mb at the cab and I am approximately 800m from this the checker says I cant get above 15Mb. Seems that the calculations are somewhat out a bit to me......



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Re: BT Wholesale Availability Checker & FTTC ( infinity )

Im pretty sure the BT speed checker under estimates on purpose so you cannot get out of the contract because you are not getting speeds you are advertised.

When I was first getting onto the 8Mb for BT after being re cotracted from the 2Mb,

the BT site and sales team quoted me 7Mb out of the 8Mb.

Just before me exchange went live for the 20Mb, my 8Mb estimate was at 6 when I was getting the full 8Mb.

Now on the 20Mb, im getting a 17.4 Mb connection but the site estimates 10Mb.

Anything above the estimate is a plus.


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Re: BT Wholesale Availability Checker & FTTC ( infinity )

Glad your exchange is finally activated, just waiting now for BT Wholesale to pull their fingers out and get our exchange activated which should have been done 4 weeks ago