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This is the first time I have posted so forgive if this is posted in wrong place.


My problem relates to connection directly to a Desktop from the Router.


Wirelessly I have no problems whatsoever.


I have no problems connecting a laptop directly to the Hub


My Desktop has been in the same place since Broadband was installed


My problem is as soon as I turn on ( or within a few minutes ) my Desktop,which is connected directly to the Hub the Broadband connection drops out,and all I get is a flashing orange light.


As soon as I turn the Desktop off all returns to normal 3 Bliue Lights


I have done the following:-


1. Changed the Filter from the socket

2.Tried all other connections on the back of the Hub

3. Changed the connection lead from the Hub to the Desktop



I have printed out the ADSL Line Status from my Computer upsatirs,dont know how to send this as I cant seem to copy and paste it.


Is it possible to send it as a File to this site for you to look at,if not I would welcome any suggestions should you wish to see it.


Thanks and I hope you are able to help me




Don MacKenzie



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Re: BTHomeHub2

Hi Don and welcome


It sounds like the PC/Ethernet card has developed a faultSmiley Sad

But it should be a fixable problemSmiley Happy


Having said that, if you remove the ethernet cable from the PC and power it up, does the hub still drop?

(It shouldn't, but checking if it's related to the mains supply)

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Re: BTHomeHub2

Thanks for your reply.


I have done what you suggested and the lights stayed on.


Connected, and after about 5 minutes the Broadband dropped again.


Again disconnected and all 3 Blue came on


So you think it could be the ethernet Card.


Is there any way it can be checked before replacing it





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Re: BTHomeHub2

if you have connected your laptop to the hub by ethernet and it works ok then it does sound like a problem with your network card in the pc.  Are the drivers up to date for the netwwork card?  if not go to manufacturers website and get the update.


If that does not work looks like a new card.  fortunately they are not expensive and easy to get

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Re: BTHomeHub2

Thanks for your help.

Just one question 

If I cant connect how do I update the drivers?




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Re: BTHomeHub2

laptop and transfer using pendrive/FlashDrive or an external HDD






Kindest Regards



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