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Can I use a wireless repeater with a HomeHub 3?

We are struggling for signal strength in two rooms in our house which are furthest away from the homehub which is in the office (and the other side of a chimney stack). 


Instead of worrying about moving the hub and all associated wires etc plugged into it, a far simpler solution would be to buy a wireless repeater and placing it somewhere in the middle of the house. 


Am I able to use a wireless repeater with my homehub 3? I was worried about the channel autochanger on the homehub meaning it would stop a repeater working properly.


I was thinking about getting a simple repeater like those on amazon...


or slightly more expensive but i think more trustworthy


Has anyone any experience using a wireless repeater with a HomeHub3? Can it be done?

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Re: Can I use a wireless repeater with a HomeHub 3?

the HH3 does not work with wireless repeaters - there are numerous posts on the forum if you use the search facility.  Buying homeplugs instead may be a solution - again search will help show how others overcome the problem

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