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Registered: ‎09-09-2010

Connection drops virtually every time I try to download anything

Hi. I've got BT Broadband with a HomeHub2. For the last few months every time I try to download anything of any size from the web (which can just be a Google Image search page, or a single song from iTunes, let alone anything bigger), my connection drops. Trying to download something like the an iPhone software update usually takes several resets of my router and reconnections.


It's incredibly frustrating, and not the service I expected from BT. I've tried using your telephone 'help' line, and got a runaround ending with a promise to phone me back that never materialised. 


How does this get sorted? 

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Re: Connection drops virtually every time I try to download anything

Hi Thefourthcraw,


Thanks for posting. Are you connecting via cable or wireless? When the connection drops do any of the lights on the hub flash? I can look into this for you. Drop me an email with your account details and a link to this post for reference to the address in my profile.





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