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Fitting an Iplate - two master sockets?

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I would like to fit an Iplate, but have 2 questions.

1) I'm not sure which is my master socket. Our house has virtually a phone socket in every room (all fitted before we bought it). The external line is immediately terminated in a small plastic box in our loft, from which two white wires emerge; one feeds the upstairs sockets, the other the downstairs ones. I'm assuming that this box splits the wires into two. The first socket on each white wire looks like the pictures typically displayed for a master socket, so which one is it?

2) I'm sure this is a stupid question, as I can't find the answer anywhere, so the answer must be obvious. Assuming I (with hopefully your help ) identify the master socket and fit the Iplate, I assume that I will only reap the speed benefits if I plug my BT HomeHub into that socket?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Fitting an Iplate - where is the master socket?

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Always plug the hub into the master socket if you can.

The iplate needs to go on the same socket.

If you use ANY of the other extension sockets, fit a GOOD filter to each.

It's best practice to keep things simple where broadband is concerned, the more extensions you have, the more potential for interference.

Noise kills broadband.

If you want my opinion, I'd get any extensions you don't need, disconnected.