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How to disable my wireless?

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Can someone help me to disable my wireless? I've read on a few forums that I have to go to , log in, select settings > wireless > configuration to disable it. However I don't get the option to untick the 'Wireless enabled' tick box like I'm supposed to. Here is what my page looks like:


I've read quite a few posts that mention BTFon and I don't really know what that is- nor how to disable it. Can someone help?

Posts: 2
Registered: ‎23-04-2011

Re: How to disable my wireless?

Okay- I've managed to opt out of BTFon now. I wonder how soon I will be able to disable the wireless...

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Re: How to disable my wireless?

Hi it will take anything up to 7 days for BT fon to be disabled to explain about fon it enables you to log onto any btfon or opezone site free with either a laptop or mobile phone when away from home it also enables yor connection to be used in the same way it is perfectly secure and does not take anything from your monthly download allowance a very useful feature Like wireless around the home is hope that helped you

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Re: How to disable my wireless?

Hi thoughfulmilly and welcome


Good to see you're making use of the search facilitySmiley Happy


Fon should be removed anywhere between 3 to 7 daysSmiley Indifferent and the disable the wireless will return


If it's still active after 7 days, post back and we'll go from there


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