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Netprotect plus Firewall Issues

I am having firewall problems with Netprotect plus.
I am trying to install a home network consisting of PC running Windows 7, a router, and a Netgear Digital Entertainment centre. During initial installation the PC is operating wirelessly, and the Netgear equipment is connected to the router by LAN, and to the TV via HDMI cable.
The setup of the Netgear equipment with the TV goes fine, until the prompt to load the software and connect to the Netgear equipment.
At this point, any access is blocked by the Netprotect plus firewall. Disabling the firewall has no effect.
I've gone through all the file sharing options I can think of, as well as identifying this new equipment via the Home Network tab within the Netprotect plus application.

Can you advise me either 1) what I'm doing wrong, or 2) what I'm missing?





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Re: Netprotect plus Firewall Issues


I've just made a post about the same problem.  Its the Net Protect Plus that's got the problem ... but BT aren't admitting it yet!!