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New Home Hub 3 Wireless Dropout problems

I have just taken out a new BT 12 month contract and received my Home Hub 3 at the weekend, I was previously using a Belkin Gplus Mimo Router connected to BT without any problem apart from the fact that the wireless signal was a bit waek to cover the whole house.


I setup the Home Hub 3 and was delighted to find that the wireless signal was much stronger, I had no problem connectin gmy two main PC's throuh a wired lan connection and also connecting my Dell printer to the network and setting it up as a local printer on each PC using a standard TCP/IP port


However I have a couple of problems  and the wireless is the biggest, while I had no problem in connecting my Laptop and Ipod touch to it wirelessly I soon found that the connection drops out and reconnects about every minute or less, sometimes a web page will open then I will click on a link and it will give an error page and this keeps repeating due  to these wireless dropouts so it is totally unusable.


2nd problem is that I can wirelessly setup a standard TCP/IP port for my printer on my laptop just as I did on my wired PC's but when I come to print it just gives an error. This feature again was OK on my Belkin router.

I have tried auto and channels 1, 6 and 11 on the wireless but all are the same.


Any input would be gladly appreciated.

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Re: New Home Hub 3 Wireless Dropout problems

have a go at setting the wireless protocol to only b/g (no b/g/n)


I found my Blackberry 9800 (the only wireless device I have which uses 'n'), was forcing the homehub to stop broadcasting wirelessy for some reason. 

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Re: New Home Hub 3 Wireless Dropout problems

Just a thought...

Your hub isn't in the same room as a plasma tv is it?

At first I thought I had a problem when I got the Hub3, but it some became apparant that when I turned on the tv, the wireless also dropped.


I moved the hub to the bedroom and not only could I connect to the main socket for the first time ever lol... I also saw a large increase of wireless strength.

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Re: New Home Hub 3 Wireless Dropout problems

I believe that there could be an issue whereby the wireless signal drops when the router is in close proximity to a mobile phone.

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Re: New Home Hub 3 - not connection with wireless printers

Hi everyone


I need help connecting my wireless printers to my new BT home hub 3 !. Before my replacement router my wireless printer was working perfectety. Yesterday I got very good support from BT, today my luck changed, they are unable to help !!.  I am also unable to find any info about connecting printers to hub !. It is incredible !

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Re: New Home Hub 3 - not connection with wireless printers

welcome to the forum


it would have been better if you had started your own subject rather than post here.


can your wireless printer see your new hub - new ssid?  if so did you try entering your new wireless password.


have you tried changing the wireless from default  b/g/n to just b/g as your printer may not be 'n' rated

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