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Replacement Router with QoS / Traffic Control

Hello, I'm in a house of 4 others, and two of them are heavy, heavy torrenters. Seeing as I am the only one here with knowledge of computers or the internet, it is only I who knows how harmful torrenting is, it destroys your connection when torrents are on, and BT starts to get suspicious. I was wondering if anyone knew any good routers that had QoS so I can say "Give XX% bandwidth to these guys, and then leave blah blah for the rest.

Ideally the router would be a straight replacement for the BT home hub.

Thank you

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Re: Replacement Router with QoS / Traffic Control

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If you disable UPnP on the home hub, and make sure that there are no incoming ports forwarded to their computers, that will slow them down a lot Smiley Wink

During peak time, P2P traffic is restricted by BT, so you should not have any problems then.