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Rte Player in northern Ireland

Original thread on the old forums


RTE PLayer is just like bbc iplayer except it works for RTE programmes.
Its supposed to be able to work for all people within northern and southern ireland.

However when i access it The page I am now seeing is just the newly released "international version" for rte player which has extremely limited content to view.

"For copyright reasons, some programmes cannot be viewed outside of Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Overseas viewers can watch a selection of RTÉ programmes that are cleared for international audiences on RTÉ Player. "


This issue was raised on 12th June and lots of other people have confimed the same issue.


The problem seems to be that n Ireland does not have a separate IP pool of addresses so that rte presents the international pages.


Would be nice to get an update on this as apparently its being looked at.


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Re: Rte Player in northern Ireland

Hi Declan

I've read and commented on your previous aformented post.

The fact RTE have created an international version of their player to me sounds like progress.

I think the problem is the content makers only want to make sure their show is broadcast to NI / ROI. If they cannot guarentee this (via IP checking), then they will refuse to do so.

And I doubt BT would be willing to change their systems for NI just for the ability to prove those NI customers live in NI.
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Re: Rte Player in northern Ireland

Still hoping for an update on this ?

In old forums Sean D said


Re: Rte Player
Posted: Jun 30, 2009 7:57 PM   in response  to: Sean Din response to: Sean D

Sean D wrote:
Hi there guys,

Sorry for the long delay. We have been looking into a resolution for this problem. At the moment this is a known issue and we are still working on a fix for this. As soon as I get any information on this I will post it here.

Once again sorry for the slow response




Then stephanie said later they were still working on it ?

Would be very grateful for an update on this - is anyone looking at this any more ?

Original issue was raised 291 days ago so thats a fair time to analyse....




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Re: Rte Player in northern Ireland

There was a similar issue with Opal's unbundled exchanges in Northern Ireland, I'm not sure whether they have resolved it as the IP Pool used for their network is the same all over the UK.