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Registered: ‎19-12-2012

Sudden drop in download speed, and ping spikes up to over 1000

Hi, Recently we've been experiencing ridiculous ping spikes 

If you repeatedly ping the second ip in the "chain" (sorry for non-techy terms, beginner over here!) then you see a pattern emerge of results, you get about 36 ping for 15 or so seconds, then it goes up and up for example 100 200 400 500 800 1020

200 35 36 36 and so on


and also we usually get about 6.8mb/s download, we've dropped to 1.4


Is this a regular problem?


It's not my router or my "splitter" as i've run a test straight through the test socket in the wall, and I have 2 internet lines in my house, it's the same for both (both BT)


Any ideas?



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Re: Sudden drop in download speed, and ping spikes up to over 1000

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