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Transfering email from to @gmail



My dad has decided to change from btinternet to virgin for various reasons for his broadband. When we started with BT (5+ years ago), my entire family setup new @btinternet (basic) addresses, so I have a few questions about it:


1. Will our accounts get deleted once we cancel the btinternet contract or can we still use them for free? (if we can then ignore the rest of the questions!)

2. I have started a gmail account and would like to transfer my email across however when I setup the import it always says there is an error, either pop3 settings are wrong or my password is wrong. However I have tried all combinations of the settings I have found on the net and still no luck.

3. In regards to the above question, I thought it might be an issue that I was on the basic package, so I tried to upgrade to premium, again I get an error and redirected to yahoo mail help, which is not helpful!


Thanks for any help, I just don't want to loose all my emails when the contract ends!


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Re: Transfering email from to @gmail

Hi Alex,


To answer your quesitons:


1. The accounts will be deleted, between 30 and 90 days after your account is closed. However, for £1.49/month you can sign-up to BT Premium mail, and this lets you retain your email address (and sub-accounts I'd guess) ... and probably the other things around it.  Link


2. You could always just forward the mail from the btinternet account to the gmail one.  It's probably down to BT tightening their rules. It should be either 'plain' or 'login' authentication(?)


3. I've never tried to shift all of my mail, so can't really help.  Is this with an email client on your PC, or using webmail?



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Re: Transfering email from to @gmail

Thanks for the reply.


1. Thats what I was afraid of!


2. I was thinking of forwarding the email, but you can only do 1 message at a time and I have hundreds if not thousands of mails to transfer. What do you mean by plain authentication? Either way it seems I have a problem.


3. As I said, there seems to be a problem in upgrading.