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Registered: ‎27-11-2010

Unknown Mac Address/Device in Access Control Device List

Hi All,


I have a BT Home Hub 2.0 and while configuring access control my other devices known to me I have noticed there is another device that I do not know.


I have noticed that it appears in the access control list but does not show on my network map in the Home Network section.


My router is telling me that i am not currently part of the BT FON community although i have signed up. But I know the MAC address of every wifi and connected device on my network and this is not one of them. I don't have a phone on the hub either.


Anyone have any ideas?



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Re: Unknown Mac Address/Device in Access Control Device List

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This might give you a clue to what it might be

Have you ever been part of FON or had a friend / family use your wireless network? The items in the AC list persist for a long time - possible until a factory reset.


Just checked out the unknown devices in my list and 3 are apple devices and 1 HTC - I'd guess all smart phones as the only apple device in my house is an iPod.

Posts: 4
Registered: ‎27-11-2010

Re: Unknown Mac Address/Device in Access Control Device List

Thanks very much for the link, was wondering if you could do a MAC address lookup.


It tells me that the device is from D LINK Corporation, so i assume a router or wireless device on a pc nearby? It is certainly not in use by me, I have a wireless attenna from Belkin on another PC in the house but that PC is not switched on and i think the wireless attenna does not have a MAC address anyway.


The Home Hub is a brand new replacement and only installed this morning and this device was there when i checked the list immediately after installation.


I have blocked it but you can only block access for 23.5hrs. I am more interested in why it is there and is it using my connection if i were not blocking it?


Any ideas?