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What happened this morning, albeit briefly?

Being a newbie to BT BB, since July 12th I wondered what happened this morning when I was on the interne,t when suddenly I could no longer access any websites. My wireless connection was still there or so I thought but then noticed a yellow exclamation mark over my taskbar's connectionsymbol and when I opened the network centre saw that there was a red cross between my hub's icon and the internet's one.

I went into the other room where the hub is and all three lights were on, blue and stable. I restarted the hub and then in fact turned it off and on again and after a few minutes all lights were blue again and I had WiFi connection. During the period it was not working I also tried my smartphone to connect and this, similarly, couldn't find a WiFi signal.

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Re: What happened this morning, albeit briefly?

Probably just one of the home hub 3s oddities which seem to get reported quite often on this forum.



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Re: What happened this morning, albeit briefly?

I would not worry the hub 3 has some wireless problems occasionally

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Re: What happened this morning, albeit briefly?