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WiFi problem - All devices disconnecting. Router reset needed.

I'm having a problem with my BT HomeHub 2, whereby every wireless device on the network is getting disconnected and the router must be reset in order to reconnect.


Originally, I thought the problem was with the wife's Blackberry Torch, I've read on many forums that this device seems to disagree with the BT HomeHub 2 and causes this very same problem.  However, I've since disconnected the device from the network completely and deleted the log-in details from the handset, and the problem still happens.


I currently have 3 devices connected wirelessly to the network; a Windows 7 PC and an HTC Desire HD are both connected by 802.11 n, and a Playstation 3 is connected via 802.11 g.  I have also tried forcing the router to only allow 802.11 g/b connections, and the problem still returns.


I have also disabled the automatic channel switching feature and forced the Hub to broadcast on Channel 13, as no other devices in the area are using 11+ in the hope that it may be something interfering with the signal, but this hasn't helped either.  The only other signal on the same channel is the Openzone/FON signal from my router and I have no other devices located within 10 feet of my router, apart from the Hub Phone.


This is the second BT HomeHub 2 I have experienced these problems with.  After trying all sorts of "fixes" I'm now at my wits end and I really don't know what to do.  My old Sky Netgear router never had any problems (I was rather surprised that the BT call centre actually advised me to use my old router rather than the HomeHub 2 if it was possible, rather than trying to fix my problem.  Unfortunately I have a Hub Phone and BT Broadband Talk, so this isn't possible).


It is only the wireless side of the router that has connection issues, any wired devices (BT Vision Box and Xbox 360) do not have any problems and continue to function when the other wireless devices are disconnected.


Any ideas?  Or is this just a case of waiting for my subscription to end and going back to Sky?

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Re: WiFi problem - All devices disconnecting. Router reset needed.

you can try downloading inssider2 (istumbler if MAC) and then run it. This will show the broadcasting networks round about you and their channels including your own. If you then enter your router and change your wireless channel to a free or less congested channel.


you may have already tried this

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Re: WiFi problem - All devices disconnecting. Router reset needed.

Indeed I have already tried this. There are around 7 other wireless networks that are broadcasting within range of my router, but all are using channels 1-11. This is why I forced the router to connect on 13.

No other devices are broadcasting on the same channel, except the FON/Openzone hotspot from my router.
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Re: WiFi problem - All devices disconnecting. Router reset needed.

I think that it's the fact that the BT Homehub's chips that manage WiFi tend to freeze and can't handle the network traffic. I take it that on your Wireless devices that you're doing a lot of things, such as downloading music etc?


Mine tends to die when I'm syncing up Spotify and talking to people on my laptop. Just doing that causes the WiFi to crash so I have to go and reset the router to get it working again. Same happens on my phone, they both die at the same time.


Good job the majority of my network is wired up eh? :-)

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Re: WiFi problem - All devices disconnecting. Router reset needed.

I was also having this issue. My wireless connections (1 laptop and 1 PC) would drop connection to the HomeHub2. I changed channel, changed to 802.11g/b only and changed the location of the hh2 to another part of the house. Still experienced problems.


I have recently unsubscribed from BTFon service and have noticed that my wireless connection not only has NOT dropped out, but that I am getting a much better wireless connection speed on my devices. I will keep a check on this to see if this has solved the problems I was having.