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poor wireless performance on Home Hub

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I have been upgraded to BT Infinity last week and my trusted BT Voyager was replaced by a OpenReach/Home Hub 2.0 Combo which now sits on a desk and flashes like Tokyo at night.


Internet access and speed are just fine and no problems via wire. My 2010 MacBook Pro can browse via wireless OK, but the wireless speed on the local network is appalingly slow and it loses the connection every now and then. The only way to restore it to reset the Home Hub.


I have tried different channels even though there are no interfering networks around with no luck.


This seems to be the same problem I had with the Home Hub 1.0 a few years back which ended as a doorstopper.




- is there any alternative VDSL router (preferably one box)?

- searching the internet I see this problem seems to be quite common with all home hub versions, has anyone ever managed to address this?


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Re: poor wireless performance on Home Hub

Hi LuckyL,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I can take a look at this for you. Drop me an email to the address in my profile and we'll run a few checks.





DavidM | Help Site | BT Service Status
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