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21cn exchange upgrade

my local exchange has been recently upgraded to 21cn adsl2+. However my router tells me i am still om adsl max g992.1 annex a. Talking to bt helpdesk i will be notified as to when i will be moved to adsl2+ g992.5 annex a, and asked if i wish to upgrde to this service. Surely this will be done automatically or do i have to agree for them to move my broadband to adsl2+?

The helpdesk cant give me a date of when this will happen does anyone know of a online list of exchange upgrde dates.

My exchange is Windermere.

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Re: 21cn exchange upgrade

Your exchange as iI daid in previous thread that youe exchange is 21cn enabled. Bt will notify you when your line is being upgraded but this can be weeks or months after wholesale have upgraded the exchange


the mods can help possibly get you upgraded to adsl2 but you may need to agree a new contract and mods will advise you

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