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BT Home Hub 3 wireless speed issues

I have had nothing but problems with my wireless broadband download speed since I got my Home Hub 3 at first the dowmload speed would fluctuate wildly from practically nothing to around 5mbps more often than not below 1 mbps. Then for a few days it stabilised at 6 Mbps now it's back to around 1 again. I have tried all the usual fixs, yes I have all those things on the interference list - video senders alarm system blue tooth keyboards, but it makes no difference if they are all off or on. The only thing which seems to bring up the speed for a while is resetting the hub. Can anyone offer me any advice that i haven't tried. Please!
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Re: BT Home Hub 3 wireless speed issues

Is it just your wireless speed that is playing up? Try going back to the Hub 2 if possible or manually setting the wireless channel instead of smart wireless
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Re: BT Home Hub 3 wireless speed issues

I have just had the same problem. I swapped out the Home hub 2 for a Home hub 3 and the connection speed dropped to a crawl, barely above dial-up speeds for the majority of the time. I tested the wireless and I could connect to a local machine on my network with no speed loss. The broadband however ranged from 5Mbps down to 8Kbps but mostly around 24Kbps. 3 days of this were enough. The speed fluctuations were wildly different. However the upload speed was completely consistent at all times


I removed the Home hub 3, replaced it with the old Home hub 2 and steady speeds of 4Mbps were maintained again.


I doubt I will ever want to use Home hub 3 ever again

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Re: BT Home Hub 3 wireless speed issues

Better the Devil you know!  I have and always had various performance on the Two HH2 i own, the type A out performs its stable mate Type B, in just about every statisic!

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