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Broadband down - updates are so poor


Why are the updates so poor ?

Gillingham/ Rainham area .
BT broadband issues since Sunday . Find some info that issues seen and been fixed . Come and goes afters hours
Sunday down 4-7PM
Monday ok
Tuesday 4- 7
Wed 9.30 - 15.00
Today June 18 Just gone down 13.00

Support number 0800 111 4567
Got through on Wed, after waiting 30min . Guy who answered sounded like He was half asleep and not interested . He mumbled and could not be understood clearly . in fact I gave him more details than He gave me !
Apparently it’s BTopenreach issue , that to me is pretty obvious . As they look after infrastructure...
would be nice to know what is going on .
Even it’s it’s a lighting strike on a mast and will be down for a week ... Just tell Us 

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Re: Broadband down - updates are so poor

if you go to help at top of page then check service in your area that will be best way to keep up to date

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Re: Broadband down - updates are so poor

I am sure you may have heard this before .The service updates are not that good .
Pretty much each time you go in it will show issue and advise it was fixed . Even though it is down and no reason as to what issue was .
Why is there no history ?
If there is a reoccurring fault , at least you know that .
I know that my area has been having issues since Sunday and others may have had a lot worse across regions .
The data is stored on the BT / BTOpenworld network . We are not asking for historical data going back years . The engineers update on each call and the data is probability being tracked for your own purposes . Engineer response , fix rates , KPI etc . so what not use for a good customer experience.
Personally , if I know reason for a fault and expected timescale and an update from time to time that is good enough . In most case faults are fixed in less than 1-4 hrs . But if it is something unforeseen , then let the customers know .
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