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Broadband keeps on dropping!

Broadband keeps on dropping after a few moments and has been intermittent for the past few days now (sometimes it maintains a connection for a few hours before dropping and becoming intermittent again). No problem with the phone line. 



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Re: Broadband keeps on dropping!

in order for the forum members to help please can you post the stats from your router (if hub enter in your browser) and if  HH5 then go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and if HH6/SH2 then advanced settings then technical log information . 

Have you tried the quiet line test? - dial 17070 option 2 - should hear nothing - best done with a corded phone. if cordless phone you may hear a 'dull hum' which is normal


enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number

Someone may then be able to offer help/assistance/suggestions to your problem

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Re: Broadband keeps on dropping!

Please see below:

Product code:Smart Hub 2
Serial number:+091301+1841006861
Firmware version:v0.21.03.07094-BT
Firmware updated:Fri Sep 18 22:45:29 2020
Board version:R01
GUI version:1.56 15_02_2019
DSL uptime:0 days,00 Hours01 Mins31 Secs
Data rate:33.451 Mbps / 54.839 Mbps
Maximum data rate:33.533 Mbps / 67.005 Mbps
Noise margin:6.1 / 22.1
Line attenuation:0.0 / 34.7
Signal attenuation:0.0 / 34.7
VLAN id:101
Upstream error control:Off
Downstream error control:Off
Data sent / received:0.8 MB Uploaded / 4.3 MB Downloaded
Broadband username:[deleted]
BT Wi-fi:Activated
2.4 GHz wireless network name:[deleted]
2.4 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel11)
5 GHz wireless network name:[deleted]
5 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel36)
Wireless security:WPA2 (Recommended)
Wireless mode:Mode 2
MAC address:44:FE:3B:12:F7:78
Software variant:-
Boot loader:0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017)

I've tried the quiet line test and didn't hear any noise...

Here are the results of the checker:

VDSL Range A (Clean) 80 77.2 20 19 72.1 Available Available
VDSL Range B (Impacted) 80 75.1 20 19 68.2 Available Available Range A (Clean) 330 260.2 50 30.8 234.3 Green Green Range B (Impacted) 303 230.5 42.1 21.2 210.6 Green Green

FTTP on Demand 330 30 -- Available

WBC ADSL 2+ Up to 17 -- 10 to 19.5 Available
WBC ADSL2+ Annex M Up to 17 Up to 1.5 10 to 19.5 Available
ADSL Max Up to 7.5 -- 6.5 to 8 Available
WBC Fixed Rate 2 -- -- Available
Fixed Rate 2 -- -- Available

VDSL Multicast Available
ADSL Multicast Available
G.Fast Multicast Available

FTTP Priority Exchange N
WLR Withdrawal N
SOADSL Restriction Y

I look forward to your feedback.
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