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Broadband speed collapsed (annual event) BT won't send out an engineer this time.

I live in a rural area and when my line is working properly I get download speeds ranging form 2.8mb to 3.4mb and this has been the case for around 5 years now. It doesn't fluctaute much from these levels when everything is fine.

My estimated range according to BT info is 1mb to 3.5mb

Because of the poor condition of the cabelling or other issues almost once a year I get a significant speed drop and have to "force" BT to send out an engineer with their usual warning that if it's my equipment at fault I will have to pay etc etc.

Without fail the BT (Openreach) engineer always finds a section from my house to the exchange where the the issue is causing my major speed drop and fixes it.

My speed has dropped to 0.9mb for nearly a week now and BT are insisting that there is no fault on my line despite in all previous correspondence with them saying it's only considered a fault if it drops below 1mb.

The now quote me some BS about Ofcom considering minimum acceptable broadband speed to be 512kb!

I spent 90 minutes on the phone and could not get three different departments to send out an engineer as they were not able to do it as it wasn't showing up as a fault..

Their attitude seemed very different this time almost as if they had some new cost saving directive to not send out engineers unless your line was dead.

So basically what are my options here and how can I force them to send out an engineer?


Any help appreciated.











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Re: Broadband speed collapsed (annual event) BT won't send out an engineer this time.

can you post stats from your router please  if hh5 then troubleshooting then helpdesk

check for line noise   dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone

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