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Broadband unusable and has been for around 6 months!

How bad does a service need to be to constitute breach of contract from the service provider? My actual download speed is frequently well below the bottom end of the scale specified by BT Wholesale, but neither customer service or the polite but ultimately unable to help Indian call centre seem to care.

When I say unusable I mean truly unusable - download speeds between 0.00 and 0.01 Mbps. Upload tends to be a bit more reliable though at 0.6. To 0.8 Mbps - can anything be read into this?

I am on my third HH4, and clearly it's never been a hub issue. The hub connects at anywhere between 2 and 6Mb, but actual speeds are rarely anywhere near this. I am plugged direct into the master socket, have changed micro filter, am using a wired connection, and have nothing else using the broadband. Certain times if day tend to be worse, especially evening, where I frequently have to use a 3/4 G mobile connection as the download speed drops to 0.

I have lost count of the number if times I've called India, it's getting to be very tiresome. Customer options are even worse - the last chap I spoke to attempted to sell me an upgrade and got arsey when I politely declined, pointing out BT couldn't fulfil by existing contract. Additionally he was attempting to sell me infinity which is something that the India team tell me is not available on my line!

Enough is enough, how can I walk away from this nightmare? A contract is a two way legal framework, and if the service provider can not honour their side, severance at no loss should be an option.

Customer options tell me they can't help, India tell me they can't either, who can?

To make matters worse, I keep getting the automated "it looks like your not getting the best from your service" from Libby Barr, this just adds insult to injury.

I am at the stage where I am beginning to feel I need to physically write to Libby and the broader BT Board to highlight just how poor the service is for some customers. Has anyone else had success with this?

This is truly the worst experience I've ever had with a service provider, it's just shocking.

I really resent the hours / days if my life being wasted on this to no positive affect.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am past trying to resolve this issue - I just want out.

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Re: Broadband unusable and has been for around 6 months!

Hi Scottrel986


Sorry you have had such a poor experience.


Send us an email using the contact the mods link in my profile and we can investigate this further for you.





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