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I requested to have my broadband cancelled after being with BT for 2 years, they promised me a minimum of 5meg and have consistently delivered me 1.5meg download. Now I can cope with that & do realise that I am 3 miles from the exchange, however it is so inconsistent that it is off & on like a tap in a public loo, as soon as the house phone rings off it goes. My new provider has had a few problems with his Hub setup, we are having point to point air broadband installed, and he my not have us online until the end of the month.

Rang BT, to request they move my switch off until the end of the month, but " The computer says no" , I would need to let it switch off & then reapply to have it reconnected until the end of the month & then request it to be disconnected again. Would you believe that is what I have just been told!!!

Great stuff BT, my daughter is going to be chuffed to bits in the middle of her A level coursework.

BT please step forward and take a bow.

Thats if anyone even reads this    

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Broadband

So really it is your new provider who cannot provide what was promised

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