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Closing a fault

My broadband speed was originally 17Mbps when I bought my new property.   Subsequently it had fallen to 2Mbps when I raised a fault through the chat line on September 16.  


An engineer was planned to visit last Wednesday to work on the issue.  I received a call to say that the line had been fixed and the visit was not necessary.  The bb speed had then dropped to 1Mbps.  After using the chat line again I was asked to do all the usual checks again and a call was planned for yesterday (Tuesday) to follow up.  No call happened.


On using the chat line again I was told that the fault had been closed on the system and the phone call cancelled.  I fixed a new engineer visit at the time for the 4th October.


Whilst confirming engineer's visit on the chat line this morning, I asked why the job had been closed and was told that the fault had been AUTO-CLOSED !


I understand the need to improve the statistics but surely there should be some contact with the user before a fault is closed.


bb speed has now dropped to 0.5Mbps down and 0.9Mbps Up


Does anyone know how the fault system works?

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Re: Closing a fault

The same happened to me (in other circumstances) when I raised a fault with my TV, for some reason the live chat people opened a fault against my TV and also a fault against my broadband though the broadband was perfectly fine.
They fixed the TV quite promptly to be fair (and my fault was just an annoyance more than having no tv), and the TV fault was closed after the engineer visit - but this mystery broadband fault remained open which became annoying on my bt app saying I had an open fault against broadband... I done the live chat and they told me they can't close it for some obscure reason however it would, as you say, auto close by (and then the date - which I think was around 10/14 days later) provided I didn't report a new broadband fault.
I guess it's like you say, to improve stats, and I guess also if you had an active fault against that product then stuff will happen on that fault and therefore not close until there's been no action for so X amount of days?
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