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Connecting a Samsung TV to the internet ...

Hi all,


Hopefully an easy one to sort for those of you who have been through this yourselves!!!


We have a BT V2 home hub, BT Broadband and BT Vision (with two 9020 powerline adapters (the black ones) , both ethernet cable connected ... one in the hub and one in the BT Vison box). All working well without any problems. We recently bought a Samsung Smart TV with internet access included ... great stuff we thought. I got a brand new TPLink Powerline Adapter - plumbed it in and Hey Presto! ... we had the Smart TV apps (Youtube etc etc) as well.


However, a couple of days later BT Vision started acting up ... couldnt pause/rewind live tv, and it missed a couple of program recordings, so I disconnected the Smart TV connection and its all working ok again. Guess this was down to some sort of interference??


When I tried again last night I got as far as the Apps page on the Samsung TV, but when choosing Youtube it came back with "Network Interference". All on the same downstairs ring main and all adapters plugged straight into a socket (rather than an extension cable).



... any ideas anyone? 


Thanks in advance!!



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Re: Connecting a Samsung TV to the internet ...

The TPLink Powerline Adapter use the Homeplug 1.0 standard. The BT 9020 powerline adapter specification says.


This product is compatible with all other DS2 powerline adapters - it isn't compatible with the "Homeplug" adapters.


It look like you will have to buy another BT 9020 instead.



Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information and help.
You will need to be connected to your home BT Broadband connection to view it, or any links to it that I post on this forum.

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Re: Connecting a Samsung TV to the internet ...

If your TV and Vision box are in the same room, you could try the setup I have (if you have an old router/network hub lying around)


[Home Hub]----------[Powerline adaptor]            


[Powerline adaptor]-------[Old netgear router]--------TV


                                                       l----------------------Vision Box


                                                       l-----------------------Xbox/PS3, etc


You'll have to log in to the router settings and disable DHCP and the Firewall (so it thinks it's a simple network hub), but it might be worth trying, to save buying another homeplug adaptor.

 If you don't have an old router to try, then you'll have to get another 9020. Also if your tv/vision box are in different rooms, this obviously won't be practical.

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Re: Connecting a Samsung TV to the internet ...

Thanks to all who responded ... I'll get myself another 9020 in that case .... and let you know how I get on ...


No other router unfortunately.....fingers crossed.




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