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Constant disconnection #2

I'm really unsurprised that BTs profits have declined so substantially. Our broadband service is ATROCIOUS. It drops out the whole time and when it does work is very sluggish, it certainly never operates at the speeds that were promised. It has been going on for ages. I have spent hours talking to very pleasant people at Indian call centres but frankly this has not yielded results.  I wouldn't be able to sort these sort of problems out if I spoke reasonably  good Urdu. The poor things do their best but they only look at the last note on the log (doubtless this is what they have been instructed to do) and ask the same old questions over and over again.  I have done everything they suggested, an engineer has come out and fiddled ineffectually in a cabinet to absolutely no effect, actually I think it might be worse since he's been. Having informed the call centre of this they said that the line would be monitored and another engineer visit organised. This had not happened. I then had a long conversation with someone at the call centre and asked to speak to a supervisor, preferably someone who's native language is English. I was assured that I would be contacted at 10.00 my time,  it is now 2.00 and not a peep.


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Re: Constant disconnection #2

Hi @Lucystillwell and welcome.


I'm sorry you're having problems with the connection. I've moved your post so we can offer some help with this. I'll need a few details first. Have you checked for any noise on the line? You can do that by connecting the phone to the test socket and dialling 17070 option 2. Are you connected via ethernet or wireless? If wireless have you tried changing the wireless channel? Do the hub lights change when the connection drops? If you can give us as much detail on the problem as possible I'm sure we'll be able to help.





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