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Re: Constant disconnection, triggered by uploads

Hi John,

We're extremely dissappointed, we had the Openreach engineer around today and were told that they were going to change some equipment at the exchange. He then phoned to say that he didn't have authorisation to do this and that they cannot see any errors. This is extremely frustrating for us, we've been paying for a service and have not been getting it for over a year. We're disrupted if we try to work from home, even when we're not trying to do anything intensive. We are not able to connect mobile phones to the broadband as any form of uploading just halts the line for everyone.

Your engineers have managed to replicate the issue, so we know that there is a problem and you can see from the stats I've posted that there is a serious issue. We've been told that we aren't entitled to your mobile router while this issue is being looked into, however if we do not get some resolution I will be going to the ombudsman because we are tied into a BT exchange with no alternative.



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Re: Constant disconnection, triggered by uploads

Hi @clbone,

Thank you for posting back. I can understand your frustration and I'm sorry the engineer wasn't able to repair your service. @JohnC2 isn't in the office today but will follow up with you again on Monday.



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