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DSL 0.25Mbps IP profile ---can someone confirm the external IP is not linked to the IP profile ?


   I had an issue on my line starting Sunday that resolved itself on Monday afternoon. Essentially the router connected at a very slow speed and then the broadband would drop out whenever there was a phone call (even though the SNR read at 19 at certain points) and at one point I could essentially "hear" the router on the phone. Due to this my IP profile has plummeted and I am now per BT speedtest site have a 0.25Mbps IP profile.



I normally synch at 2.5 to 3Mpbs, however is has been stable now for 2days synch'd at just over 2Mbps so have not want to touch it as hoping the IP profile would suddenly increase due to the stability.


I am on a very old exchange (Michaelchurch and believe it has the oldest type of IP profile learning, though I am not sure. While I have rung up I have been advised even though stable they want to send out an engineer to check the line and also change the IP address I pick up as notice on the disconnects it has not changed.


My questions are:


1) IS the IP profile reported by the BT wholesale site anything at all to do with the IP address the adsl router picks up?


I believe it was not connected at all but the support person I spoke to said he believed changing my IP would resolve this, and there was no point doing an SNR reset as it looks like the current setting is the "sweet spot" (which seems higher than I normally have had at 10db...however at the moment I just want something that is barely usable -i.e. 1Mbps )



2) When waiting for the IP profile to learn the line is stable and increase can you risk resetting the router at all or does it simply restart the clock?


My concern is the IP change the support person advised would mean the connection dropping and reconnecting and as I have now waited 2 days with no improvement to the IP profile I am willing to try anything but do not want to reset the IP profile clock as I have heard the "3 day" figure was the magic number.


3) Is there any way to find out which IP profile learning method is applied at the exchange?


thanks in advance!


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Re: DSL 0.25Mbps IP profile ---can someone confirm the external IP is not linked to the IP profile ?

your IP profile is not related to your IP address if you want your IP Profile to increase you need a stable connection for 3/5 days any router restart will reset the clock you are on ADSL Max which needs the 3/5 day time scale to reset
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