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EO Line - new build

Ok here goes... i moved into our new house 4 year ago - At the time BT connected me to an EO line. I live on a second phase of 3. The exchange (Aberconnwy) is literly a sones thow away dow the road.  I get decent broadband downloads but am looking to upgrade to fibre. In the last 18 months a new cabinet (33) has apeared at the entrance of the estate. I thought this could be a solution to our EO problem.  The first phase is connected to this cabinet and approx the first 5/6 houses on the second phase where i live the res of the estate is still showing as EO line. Now the thrid and final stage of the esate has recently (last Novemmber ) been given un upgrade to FTTP.  The new fibre cabel goes right past my house ( i saw/talked to the engineers installing it).  Now i can't get access to this and no one can give me an answer if the new cabinet is available to me.  The database still shows us (and the rest of the 2nd phase as EO). MY quesiton is could this be an admin issue as the solution (connecting us to the new cab for FTTC) seems the most logical step. Anyone here an enineer in the Aberconwy/Llandudno Junction area as I can't get any answers from BT/OR. thanks

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