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Early contract exit


I hope this is the right place to post this as not a technical issue. 

I live in a rural location and receive 1Mb of broadband (on a good day). As there is no option of fibre I signed up to BT back in January and the only contract length was 24 months.

Back in April I received a leaflet from a private company who said they would install fibre. 2 months later and the work is well under way. 

I have spoken to BT and they want £300 to exit my contract early. They cant lower the contract price and I dont even use the landline so paying for not alot. So my question is: what are my rights here? I know I am locked into the terms of this contract but surely there is a levy due to the fact that they cannot provide the speeds that this private company are going to be able to deliver and with the government pushing for the whole country to be able to access decent broadband speeds this should be enough? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Early contract exit

if you are getting the speed which you agreed when you took out contract in January then you either pay cancellation fee of keep the connection.  it is immaterial that a new provider using a different broadband service can give better connection speed

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