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Finally connect to BT broadband,,,, but now huge lag spikes!

Firstly can I thank one of the mods for helping us finally get BT Broadband. After weeks of constant calling to BT and problem after problem, we decided to use the forum and had great support and a prompt service getting our BT Broadband up and running!


The problem we now have is huge random lag spikes on our broadband service. We have been up and running for over ten days. Gaming on PC/PS4 is impossible with ping levels reaching over 380ms! This is highly frustrating and renders the service useless.


I have tried the usual tests using the test socket, ringing 17070 for a noise test and this all seems fine. There is no "peak period" where the ping gets worse. It is random but frequent if that makes sense. This occurs on both an ethernet and wireless connection and shows up on ping tests and (see below) I have also tried adjusting wireles channels incase something was "draining" our broadband somehow.


I was very tempted to upgrade to BT infinity as this is avilable in our street but i am worried we end up with the same level of performance.


Any help would be appreciated to get our ping down to normal.


trace test.jpg






lag.jpgSpeed wholesale 2.jpgBt wholesale test 2.jpg



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