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Getting disconnected from bt home hub 2.0

Basically I have the BT 2.0 hub and ever since the latest update I seem to be getting disconnected from the internet for about a second or two and because I play on Xbox live that creates a big problem for me because it disconnects me from Xbox live and I have to reconnect and this can take a few minutes and this can happen around about 5 times a hour at peak times and at other times it doesn’t happen at all can someone please explain what’s happening. 





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Re: Getting disconnected from bt home hub 2.0

Hi Andzee, Welcome to the Forums Smiley Happy


Are you connected to your Homehub via a Wireless or Wired connection?


Can you try and reset your Homehub? (Push the little red button with a ballpoint pen or a thin object).


I hope this hleps


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