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Is it possible to have interleaving removed?



I have a line that was enabled in December that is constantly connected at the maximun speed for ADSL Max, has minimal (if any) disconnects and low rate of line errors yet it has interleaving enabled. I think its because in the few days after the line was made active we storms and the power kept cutting in and out 😞


Anyway I'm not using the Home Hub but a Billion 7800n here are the line stats from its telnet;


> adsl info --stats

adsl: ADSL driver and PHY status

Status: Showtime

Retrain Reason: 1

Max:    Upstream rate = 1152 Kbps, Downstream rate = 10208 Kbps

Channel:        INTR, Upstream rate = 448 Kbps, Downstream rate = 8128 Kbps


Link Power State:       L0

Mode:                   G.DMT 

TPS-TC:                 ATM Mode

Trellis:                ON

Line Status:            No Defect

Training Status:        Showtime

                Down            Up

SNR (dB):        10.8            23.0

Attn(dB):        16.0            12.0

Pwr(dBm):        19.8            12.1

                        G.dmt framing

K:              255(0)          15

R:              20              16

S:              1               8

😧              64              4



SF:             67647334                67647260

SFErr:          7               0

RS:             610102896               38130798

RSCorr:         1323            0

RSUnCorr:       740             0


HEC:            2               0

OCD:            1               0

LCD:            0               0

Total Cells:    570529442               0

Data Cells:     1494889622              0

Drop Cells:     36

Bit Errors:     0               0


Since Link time = 13 days 7 hours 26 min 43 sec

FEC:            1323            0

CRC:            7               0

ES:             1               0

SES:            0               0

UAS:            0               0

LOS:            0               0

LOF:            0               0


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Re: Is it possible to have interleaving removed?

Once the Forum Mods have read your post they will post an invite here once you reply to them they will take personal ownership of the problem until resolved.
Do not send them a Personal Message as this is the incorrect contact method and cannot be properly tracked also the mod contacted may not be on shift for sometime and this will delay your help

The forum mods normally reply within 3/5 working days after you have contacted them
They will contact you personally by email or phone   


mod contact.JPG

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Re: Is it possible to have interleaving removed?

The mods can arrange to have latency changed from interleaved to fast. They will post a contact us link after reading this

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Re: Is it possible to have interleaving removed?

Hi jamiemat85 and welcome.

I can sort this out for you. Drop me an email with the details. You'll find the "contact us" form in the about me section of my profile. 



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