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Laptop/PC/iPad all disconnects from the BT Home Hub

Hi, around once or twice a day my laptop, PC and iPad all suddenly looses connectivity with the BT Home Hub. However everthing else still connects (PC - which is connected by cable, BT Vision, BT Talk etc)


On my laptop or PC it can still pick up the router so when I click connect it doesn't work. I click repair and it says I need to restart my router. I do this and it works.


It is getting really annoying that I have to keep restarting the router becasue it means that BT vision will be restart and everything else etc.


Is there a fix?



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Laptop/PC/iPad all disconnects from the BT Home Hub

welcome to the forum


try downloading and running inssider.  This will show networks round about and their channel so you can try and pick a free one for yourself.  just enter in your browser and navigate to wireless to turn off automatic and select your channel

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