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New Build property without phone pole (lie lie and lie)

I am very disappointed about of the lies that BT has told me over the last few weeks. I did a broadband order early in June and I included this message :

Notes for engineer
We dont have master socket the apartment is new One of the engineer from BT outreach was here the 5t

Safety notes
Because we need the installation of one phone pole near or some underground cables Please come ready



I had an engineer appointment scheduled for the 30th of June. In the meantime I called BT customer service several times to make sure that Openreach was aware of my situation (new built property which needed a new pole to be put in nearby). Everytime - and I have record of these conversations with BT - BT told me not to worry, that Openreach was aware and that they were working on this. Guess what? The engineer came yesterday and he didn't know anything about it. Of course, he couldn't have done any works and he now has to pass it to Planning, that means further delays. I showed him the conversations I had with BT and the engineer confirmed that BT customer service was cleary lying. Has the engineer actually read any of the notes I included in the order? I think he didn't. What kind of service is this? Why does BT tell lie? Why does BT employ people who dont't have a clue about things really work? Am I just a figure for BT? Maybe BT should remember that behind every order there are people who really needs a service. I feel like Bt has made a fool of me. The least that BT could do now is to prioritize my situation and to get the broadband to my house ASAP. I would also really liked to be in contact with the managers of those BT customer service people who lied to me. Lying is a very unprofessional behaviour that shouldn't be tolerated in big companies as BT. Otherwise you will hear from my lawyer - as I said I have got record of the lies BT told me - as this delay is damaging me. 

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Re: New Build property without phone pole (lie lie and lie)

The Developer/Builder should've arranged with Openreach to Build and Line Plant. Obviously one of those two bit builders who cut corners.

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Re: New Build property without phone pole (lie lie and lie)

Hi @Umberto and welcome.


I'm really sorry you're having so many problems getting connected. Installation of a new pole would require survey and planning which you should have been made aware of. If you can drop me over an email with your details I'll take a look at this for you. You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





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