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Offers for existing and loyal BT customers

Lots of offers around to entice people back to BT.. BUT what about customers who are already with BT..

Where are the FREE 3 months offers for ....this that and the other???


Stores have loyalty cards and so forth so why not BT?

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Re: Offers for existing and loyal BT customers

I`ve been with BT for a number of years (Option 3) and whereas I have seen a reduction in my monthly payments for staying with BT. I must say your comment does have a lot of sense to it.

It would be nice if BT gave some kind of loyalty reward for long-term clients - but I`m not getting my hopes up Smiley Wink


Here`s hoping for a Xmas present, ha, ha, ha. Smiley Surprised


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Re: Offers for existing and loyal BT customers

BT are a joke

I have been with them for over 3 years with BB & Phoneline

I pay all my bills by DD in full and after my initial 18 month contract ended i agreed to sign another 18 month contract @ £15 a month (BB)


6 months later i noticed the charge was actually £17.49 (not the £15 agreed ovber the phone)


Now BT have introduced a FREE upto 20mb upgrade (apparaently at NO EXTRA COST)

I now find i am being charged £19.99  a month (even though i accepted no new contract whatsoever)


The last week or so i have also had **bleep** service, throughoput around 100k and i am lucky to be able to stream anything online.


I am not going through the BT scrpt again (turn off youyr router,wait 3 days etc etc)


I have already contacted Sky and should have BB & Phone for £21 (£10 a month cheaper than BT) and it should be installed in a few weeks.


BT if this is how you treat long term customers then you rteally need to address your policies!!!