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Re: PPP Dropouts during day. remote station is not answering to LCP Echo requests

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And this.


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Re: PPP Dropouts during day. remote station is not answering to LCP Echo requests

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So the plot thickens and back to answering own questions.


Found this whilst researching errors above.


A reasonable explanation the server is simply 'busy' easy fix you think upgrade server (which they won't).

An alternative reasonable explanation if you see logs like these:-





Your data is simply not making it to the server because of congestion, maybe, on the backhaul, size determined by rent paid to Openreach, and being dropped.


And that is fine. Leave it till 4:30am just in case a reboot or disconnect is required. This is how it should be.


But, and there's always a but with me I'm sitting on it, but read this.


Same problem different error messages solution 'black hole' your problem to Offcom. A bit like your packets being dropped in BT speak SIN 472v2p9.


So what exactly in a nutshell is my problem.


At 'peak' times of day when I expect congestion and my internet to slow to a crawl where everything is buffering and then it get's on with it again.

This is what I expect. Normal for the internet. You could solve this by renting 10x more backhaul. But that would be crazy everyone would go bust.

This is actually solved by your ISP simply dropping/black holeing your DATA.

What I don't expect is for my CONNECTION PPP to be black holed/dropped in the same process at the same time.


If I have interpreted SIN 472v2p9 correctly the facility to stop this happening now exists provided free of charge by Openreach.

Maybe the OFCOM black hole spat this out and it morphed into SIN 472v2p9.

I don't know and I frankly don't care for the reasons.


All I know is that it exists in SIN 472v2p9  and it maybe or maybe not in my exchange.

They said that about ADSL2plus which I am currently connected to. Now it's come out from under it's stone.


It's called Real Time QoS Service. Quality Of Service now where could I get some of that.


So is this QoS enabled on my line or not? Simple question. I don't know and no one will tell me.


Maybe we could play pin the tail on the donkey, I can think of three posible places?

Oh this new one popped up in log after reboot. WAN: Ethernet as LAN.


Any ideas?


In fact plain speculation would be welcome as long as it is clear it is speculation not a black hole 'there's your problem'.

I won't bite if you say I think rather than state it as fact that turns out to be not correct. I does happen seen it.


A mods opinion would also be good.

I don't expect you to take my case to the chairman and ask him to deprive the shareholders of there dividends.

You would appear to have the capacity to fix it free of charge to your self but you won't.

If Openreach charge you because someone at my ISP forgot to configure it tough.


The question is 'QoS Available/On/Off on my line'? And if not when/why? A reasonable question.


So now 27 engineers later not quite fixed yet.

BT attitude we tested it it's above one meg and it's stayed on for six hours. What do you expect an always on connection we don't sell them which is true.

But it should also, acording to your rules, not go off more than four times a day before you can complain about getting it fixed.

Mix that in with the British weather and like me you will be doomed to 12 now 13 months of hell.


What I expect is for my internet to go off say once a week preferably when I'm in bed. Which it quite rightly should do. But in my case it don't.


Am I really asking too much? The marketing hype when ADSL first came out led me to believe this. What's changed?

BT Please take and address my issues seriously.

It took 15/16 days for BT to take me serious about 'we don't do caps on my line CAP' One call 8 minutes later sorted. What's that all about? Do I not speak English?

It's even described in SIN 472v2p9 but nobody at BT seamed to know that. Quite strange.


TBC? Lets see.

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