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Problems with noise on line, broadband dropping out and slow speeds

On 16 Sep, it appeared that this problem (originally reported on 8 Aug) was fixed after an engineer visit on 10 Sep.  However, the same problem reappeared on around the 22 September so I reported it once again and a second engineer visited today. Again, the problem appeared to be fixed but it started again just a couple of hours after the engineer left. NB - both engineers have identified that there was a fault on the line - external to the premises. Also, today, with the engineer present, I changed the micro-filter, changed the hub (from 2 to 3) and tried without the phone but the broadband was still unstable. It seems that the problem is termed a high-resistance fault and "breaks" the broadband at a time of load - ie: voice or data. I have reported the fault again this afternoon and I have a third enginner visit booked for Wednesday 1st Oct .. but I am not hopeful of a resolution.


My question now is ... if I change to fibre-optic Infinity, is this likely to resolve the problem. As I understand it, this would replace the existing copper between the exchange and the nearest "green box", which is approx 270 yards away from my premises. I don't really need the extra speed or capacity of Infinity and my only reason for changing would be to have a stable and reliable service.


Any thoughts, advice or info welcome ... thanks


Adrian Musgrave

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Re: Problems with noise on line, broadband dropping out and slow speeds

changing to fibre FTTC would solve the problem as long as the problem is not between your home and the street cabinet

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