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when i got put on fast path 2 days ago my upload noise margin was this 

02:38:38, 05 Mar.(1035840.060000) DSL noise margin: 22.20 dB upstream, 6.00 dB downstream
02:38:38, 05 Mar.(1035839.440000) DSL line rate: 1143 Kbps upstream, 10518 Kbps downstream


22.20dB upload?!


okay now my internet cut out 8 hours ago, guessing to do with it being on fast path again? not sure, it did use to cut out on interleaved also.


now it's 

04:23:40, 07 Mar.( 82.070000) DSL noise margin: 5.90 dB upstream, 6.10 dB downstream
04:23:39, 07 Mar.( 81.200000) DSL line rate: 1115 Kbps upstream, 10422 Kbps downstream
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