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SNR Margin reset

Hey, I’m in an unusual situation. I was due fibre (full FTTP) on 3rd March but due to blocked ducts I had to wait until the repair was done.  I then never got my switchover pushed back  so I’m on temporary ADSL. The only problem with this is that I have a fault on the line. Openreach came and repaired most of it, they done the E-Side (both E side and D side had faults) but couldn’t do the D side due to the blocked duct.  My net is generally ok, not the best and with random slow downs, assuming due to noise and every so often, maybe weekly it disconnects constantly for maybe 12-24 hours. This is random but before these disconnects I was on 3db profile for 5 days and a respectable throughput.  I was wondering if my line can be reset back to this? It’s been stable now for over 3 days and at least when it’s on 3db it’s fairly useful.  At 9db when these errors occur my throughput bottoms out at around 2mb whereas in 3db stays at about 5.


any help greatly appreciated.


PS. My repair/install is due for the 8th April but naturally I’m assuming this will be cancelled for June. 

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