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Samsung wireless link from TV to Home HUB 2.0

I have now been struggling for days trying to link my new LED TV to my home hub with no luck. I am now connecting through my samsung DVD player and at last my home hub can see the dongle but only in the DCHP list of teh home hub but not in the device list. It is showing as unknown host and when I click on this in teh DCHP list it takes me back to teh device list where it is not shown. All my other wireless devices are being shown. How do I fix this problem as I just can't connect up to teh internet via my TV/DVD?

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Re: Samsung wireless link from TV to Home HUB 2.0

Strangely enough, we've just bought a Samsung TV and DVD player too. I plugged the wireless dongle into the TV via the USB1 connection as recommended by the manual and then changed the network settings to wireless on the TV and then scan for the router. Enter router key and link established. Make sure to get the correct case for the characters for the key or it will not establish a link (something I forgot!).


The alternative is of course to bring an ethernet cable to the TV. What about ethernet over powerline to take from router to the plug near the TV? May save some heartache.


Make sure that the router is broadcasting it's SSID too.






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Re: Samsung wireless link from TV to Home HUB 2.0

I went with Powerline Adapters to a 8 Port Network Switch behind the TV.  Then connected all my AV Equipment such as PS3, Blu-ray Player, TV, Wii, AV Amplifier, HDDVD Player etc.


Just because the Wifi on the Infinity modem is poor and keeps dropping out as soon as you start streaming large files.

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Re: Samsung wireless link from TV to Home HUB 2.0

Am just speculating on why it doesn't show in the device list. I suspect the BT Home Hub can only display a limited amount of devices on the wireless section of the page. I know it's a pain but try deleting one of the devices (you can always reconnect it) to see if the space gets it into the devices list. At least then you may be able to make changes etc.

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