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Service Status Line could be more useful if only if was updated and the person spoke louder

Today after a horrendous 24 hrs of high winds and lost power all is back....or rather was late last night.

This morning power fine but broadband down. I check everything in the house knowing the questions I'll get asked if I phone 0800 and all fine. Check access to my router all fine just no broadband.

I check the service status number 0800 169 0199. Nothing wrong in my area. BT please note I have good hearing but as usual the person leaving the service info is extremely difficult to hear, either get them to speak up or stand in the same room as the device they are talking into, it's that bad. Does nobody ever check this because everytime I use it the message is always hard to hear. Anyone with hearing problems would never hear it.

Anyway no problems in my area.

So I recheck and all seems fine.

I phone BT 0800 800 150. ....."we are very busy".....yes you always are so stop telling us.

Finally I speak to a guy who does a check and tells me that broadband is down in my area and could well be for sometime, mentions 24 hours (edited...after thinking about this it was a neighbour who told me that they had been told by BT it was likely to be 24hrs) , but Openreach are dealing with it.

That's fine but why isn't this on the service status line as apparently it had been down for quite sometime and if you had put this on the service status line then I wouldn't had added to the queue of the people causing you to tell me "we are very busy". It's a thought is it not?

Anyway I'm back up and pleased but for a communication company your communications are shockingly bad. SPEAK UP!!!

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Re: Service Status Line could be more useful if only if was updated and the person spoke louder

Hi @JohnRH 

Thanks for your post.

I'm sorry for the problems you had connecting to your broadband.  I assume the high winds you experienced recently may have been the cause of the broadband outage in your area.  You make a valid point though, this should have been on the service status line and if it was it would have avoided the need of you having to give us a call.

I am really pleased to see that you're back up and running again.  Be sure to keep the posts coming on here and if you have any issues down the line we can look at it if you feel you aren't getting anywhere.



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