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Re: Sudden drop BBand speed on contract extension date

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Further notes:  The outage is never at the same time in the evening.  Always between 6pm to midnight, Sometimes 6-7, other times 11-12, last Tues. it was 9-10.

wondered if streaming videos was a problem (triggering issue?), but seems to be perfectly fine in daytime.

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Re: Sudden drop BBand speed on contract extension date

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Hi @Rockets,

Thanks for getting back to me. I'm actually going to be in over the full weekend and on Monday. I'll be off on Tuesday though.

I'm sorry that it hasn't resolved it for you. I can make your service more stable but it could affect your speed. I would rather do that as our last option. The main issue is the system we use that tries to balance speed and stability, known as Dynamic Line Management (DLM). When it's set at 6dB we proved that you didn't have the same issue in the evenings. However; DLM is kicking in and putting it down to 3dB. I've manually changed the DLM back to 6dB and I've asked that our suppliers don't lower it down to 3dB again.

Is there a particular day and time that you'd like me to check in with you to see how your connection has been performing? Smiley Happy



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