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Wireless connection drops all the time

I would have thought that wireless connectivity would have improved since 2000, but it doesn't seem to have. Whenever I connect via wireless with my laptop, only to then put my laptop into sleep mode and return to use it some 45 minutes later, I find I can no longer connect and have to reset my home hub, despite all the lights being blue. Similarly, if my wife connects with her laptop while I'm connected, my connection drops, sometimes she can't connect, or these problems kick in a bit later on down the trail and I must, again, reset the **bleep** thing. 


What is going on here? How does one remedy this? 



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Re: Wireless connection drops all the time

Have you checked to see if your channel is possibly being interfered with by another wireless router in your area? You can do this by installing inssider which allows you to scan the wireless channels in your area. Then if someone else is using the same channel as you, you can change your channel which should improve things.

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Re: Wireless connection drops all the time

Check your pc's power settings it is possible the wireless card is set to power down when the pc goes into sleep mode as a power saving mode that will cause it to disconnect if it then untick the power down option

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